Blue-Haired Brenda Wiki

Blue-Haired Brenda is a Canadian animated TV series created by Ivan Lloyd.

In August 2021, the series was renewed for a thirteenth season. Lloyd also announced that season 14 will be written shortly after season 13 premieres.


Brenda Jurkowski is an emerging detective from Toronto. She is smart, funny, and curious. But, with a weird condition that caused her hair to turn blue, Brenda has gone too far.


Brenda Jurkowski

Voiced by: Sandrine Leborgne (1-5); Hannah Bystron (6-9); Danielle Gamov (10-)
A 13-year-old home-schooled student and detective from Toronto.

Denise Jurkowski

Voiced by: Anouk Mellor
Brenda's mother.

Anthony Jurkowski

Voiced by: Nathan Baglio
Brenda's father.

Zoe Jurkowski

Voiced by: Anna Dementievi (1-4); Tara Vermund (5-9); Martina Grech (10-)
Brenda's little sister.

Leo Jurkowski

Voiced by: ??? (1-6); ??? (7-9); ??? (10-)
Brenda's older brother.